Homeland Security and Training Solutions

NAICS (training) 611430, 611519, 611699, 611710
NAICS (guard) 561612, 561622

Professional security services are of the utmost importance when providing safety and security measures of any critical infrastructure. AKHI is dedicated to being a proactive and quality driven security provider serving clients throughout the United States. When choosing AKHI, clients are assured of receiving responsive security officers who are carefully screened and selected to provide services in a professional manner in alignment with the company or agency culture. AKHI will also provide clients with a customized security program unique to the specific site, properly trained officers, and fully responsive program management.

Crisis response and consequence management for Federal, State, Local, and Tribal law enforcement, as well as military and civilian agencies, has evolved more into joint missions in the 21st century than ever before. With today’s mass electronic communications, regardless of the geographical location, the incident is known worldwide within minutes. In some cases, situations occurring on one continent may have pre-incident indicators of pending threats on another continent, thereby requiring swift, accurate, and immediate response. The high caliber necessary for these types of responses can only be provided through rigorous, hands-on training. AKHI is dedicated to providing clients with Subject Matter Experts (SME), not only highly-skilled in their particular field, but also talented in their ability to disseminate that knowledge and experience in the class room, on table tops, and through realistic field training exercises.

  • Our family of companies has SMEs on staff and a robust recruitment pipeline, coupled with a highly experienced Human Relations (HR) support staff, which enables us to provide clients with minimal-risk in securing and retaining high-quality SMEs for the duration of their training projects. We provide current and relevant team members with the expertise, talent, tact, and diplomacy necessary to work within field units to develop mission-specific, scenario development training and highly-germane, mission readiness exercises.
  • Team members have real-world experience working with Tribal, Local, Regional, State, and Federal agencies. We can support training operations 24/7/365 through effective and efficient communications within applicable units and agencies. Training services include mission readiness, and scheduling; range operation and control; maintenance and repair of related equipment; as well as parts storage and ordering of replacement equipment. We will also conduct full on inspections and clear the range with trained unit personnel, ensuring the site is returned to its original state through utilization of Range Clearance Checklists and multi-media feedback.
  • When organizations select AKHI as their training provider, we will work directly with them, as well as related end users, to develop mission-specific training programs tailored to the agencies involved and to the unique geographic region’s specific challenges.

AKHI Training Services include but are not limited to:

  • Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessments
  • Chemical Biological Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE)
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Driving Tactics
  • Defense Tactics
  • Law Enforcement and Emergency Response
  • Weapons and Tactics

By design, AKHI is geared to be proactive and quality driven as a high-end security provider for clients throughout the country. When you chose our services, you can be assured of receiving responsive security officers who are carefully screened and selected to provide professional services in total alignment with your company or agency culture. To achieve this, we provide clients with a customized security program tailored for their specific site, properly screened and trained officers, and a fully comprehensive, responsive, and integrated security program.

  • AKHI’s approach on all security projects will be to first identify the specific needs of critical infrastructure we are protecting. This is accomplished by effectively establishing professional relationships and communicating with clients to understand the complete scope of work, the challenges presented in the past, and proactively anticipating challenges in the future. Once this is accomplished, we will establish goals and objectives which will be reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Quality recruiting, screening and training of personnel is paramount to an effective and efficient security program. Following the recruiting and screening process, we will provide quality onsite training equipping our officers with training in all aspects of security functions aligned with the client’s needs, as well as the professional development, to provide a command presence thereby representing our clients in a positive fashion.
  • While each security program provides professional security services to clients, they will be supported daily by senior management and corporate representatives and functions. AKHI’s security program will consist of a senior management team all with military, law enforcement and federal contracting experience. Our corporate office is well versed in Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) accounting methods. Our management team is also skilled and experienced in establishing a harmonious relationship with represented personnel who are members of collective bargaining agreements and unions.

Homeland Security Services Provided:

  • Guard Services
    • Armed and Unarmed Guard Services
    • Perimeter Patrols
    • Perimeter Access Control
    • Access Control
    • Control room/CCTV monitoring
  • Investigations
  • Locksmiths and Key Control
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Correctional and Detention Security Services
    • Processing
    • Classification
    • Food Services
    • Transportation of Detainees
  • Transportation and Security Screening of:
    • Persons
    • Mail
    • Cargo
    • Vehicles
    • Valuables