Company History

AKHI was established in 2005, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ahtna Netiye’, Inc., focused on providing construction services in Alaska and Hawaii. Ahtna, Inc. is the parent company of fourteen (14) subsidiaries, each specializing in different fields of expertise in both private and government sectors. The collective history and experience of the Ahtna family of companies allows AKHI the unique advantage of shared experience and corporate knowledge and provides a solid base for growth. As a newly established company, the support and knowledge of sister companies provides a stable foundation for AKHI’s success.

Following the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) on December 18, 1971, aboriginal claims of Alaska Natives to lands within Alaska were extinguished and title to the lands were transferred to 12 Alaska Native Regional corporations and more than 200 village corporations. Ahtna was one of the 12 regional corporations that were formed. Under the ANCSA, Ahtna has a total entitlement of 1.77 million acres, including both surface and subsurface estate; more than 1.5 million of which has already been successfully conveyed.

Ahtna Netiye’ (Netiye’ is an Ahtna Athabascan word meaning “our strength”) provides strategic direction and corporate structure stability for the Ahtna family of companies, including AKHI, that is aimed at long-term growth and success. AKHI’s current leadership brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise; common core values shared as an organization; an uncompromising dedication to safety; loyalty and dedication; as well as integrity and project ownership that ensures we understand and are a part of the clients’ solution. AKHI can provide contracting agencies with a true Small Disadvantaged Business with in-house professional talent typically found in larger corporations along with a DCAA audited accounting system rated adequate by the Defense Contracting Auditing Agency (DCAA) for accumulating, reporting, billing, and estimating costs on government contracts, including cost reimbursable contracts.

As of 2014, Ahtna employed more than 1,500 people worldwide, at least 300 of whom worked in Alaska. Furthermore, Ahtna shareholders made up more than 25% of Ahtna’s Alaska-based workforce, a proven, solid, incentive to ensure safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

About our people

Ahtna Inc. shareholders are mainly comprised of Ahtna Athabascan people of the Cantwell and Copper River Region of Southcentral Alaska. Ahtna Koht’aene (Ahtna People) take their name from the indigenous word for the Copper River, which flows through Ahtna land.

Today, Ahtna Inc. supports and represents over 1,700 shareholders, many of whom still reside in the Copper River Region. Since its founding, Ahtna’s mission remains the same, to preserve, strengthen, and enhance the cultural identity that has existed for thousands of years.

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Ahtna provides quality professional services throughout the United States.

We provide quality professional services
throughout the United States.

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