AKHI Benefits

As an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), AKHI has special 8(a) Advantages per the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. We are able to provide Federal agencies with an efficient, federally approved means to fulfill mission requirements in an expeditious, cost effective manner. We capitalize on our knowledge and experience of the Ahtna Netiye family of companies to ensure we effectively and efficiently work with Government Contracting Officers (CO) to satisfy all their requirements and negotiate and enter into a FAR compliant contract. By virtue of our 8(a) status and our combined corporate resources, we can receive sole source awards, regardless of size and complexity, that can be secured and mobilized within as little as a few weeks. The benefit to the Government lies in the fact that they receive a fully competent and robust resource to meet their contracting needs and they are also able to claim 100% Small Business utilization for the program when contracting with AKHI.


AKHI Special ANC 8(a) Advantages include:


Rapid Procurement Process through Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA ANC 8(a) contracting method streamlines the acquisition process and avoids lengthy, expensive, and potentially complex procurement cycles. When using the ANC 8(a) contracting method, a Government representative can simply select AKHI as a suggested source and submit a request to the cognizant SBA representative, asking that the procurement be pursued under the official 8(a) program.

Ahtna’s guiding principles are the very foundation we build our business relationships on.

Safety – Our Emergency Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.63, well below the industry average.

Quality –Our Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) ratings are consistently in the Very Good or higher category.

Enjoyable – Our President, Susan Taylor, is personally committed to ensuring all employees enjoy a professional and welcoming work environment.

Vision, values and Mission

We are only successful if our client is successful
in ongoing operations every day.

AKHI is dedicated to providing skilled management personnel who are well-versed in maintaining successful operations of long-term contracts with recognized excellence in customer service, safety, quality and.

Client Satisfaction
As a self-performing prime contractor and sub-contractor we provide a driven process solution in which we collaborate with our client and teaming partners to develop cost effective and efficient solutions.

Corporate Commitment and Guiding Principles

  • An uncompromising dedication to the SAFETY of every employee
  • Provide QUALITY services to our clients in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Maintaining an ENJOYABLE work environment
  • We recognize our team is a direct reflection of the contract/facility they support.
  • Safety is paramount, not only is it vital to contract performance, it is imperative for employee retention.
  • From the onset of a relationship, we continually strive to build trust, confidence and responsiveness into all of our client relationships.
  • Our success not only benefits our government clients and stakeholders, it enriches the lives of our Ahtna shareholders and their families.

We provide quality professional services
throughout the United States.

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